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About ATUK


ATUK founded in Bristol by Samantha Thompson and Martin Sharpe in 2000 is now based in the heart of the Mendips in beautiful rural Somerset. Samantha had worked as a sole practitioner since 1995. The demand for screening became apparent to her and the potential for a nationwide network of practitioners was realised.


After researching the market and experiencing at first hand other methods Samantha was both impressed and convinced by the accuracy and scope that Bio-Electronic Regulatory Medicine delivers. BER is a non-invasive painless diagnostic method of measuring the body’s resistance to allergens and intolerances. This method delivers immediate results and proven remedies to clients in an ethical, accurate and professional way.


ATUK is supported by a management team with many years experience in business across a wide range of sectors, including the legal profession. The management team, most of whom are also practitioners in their own right, play an active role in the management of ATUK . Their wide range of expertise and disciplines in legal services, business management, marketing & public relations (PR), technology & computers (IT), and administrative support will help you as you seek to build your business. In addition, Mr Stan Richardson E.S.S.M.A. Dip.Ac (Hons), Aur.M.Soc.BioMed. F.A.A. M.S.F. MAB. Phys. and Director of Bio Medscan also acts as a consultant for ATUK drawing on his 50 years experience in Bio-Electronic Regulatory Medicine.

Our Values

  • Healthy clients and practitioners

  • Accurate methods of diagnosis

  • Professional reputation in the marketplace

  • Caring always for the client’s optimum health

  • Ethical in its approach to healthcare and clients

  • Expanding our business and knowledge

  • Continuity in our professional & personal development and training

Our Vision

  • To deliver highly reputable and professional care to clients

  • To meet an ever increasing demand for accurate health screening

  • To be instrumental in raising awareness of potential health concerns

Our Team

Samantha Thompson – Managing Director


Julia Giles – Financial Director


Caroline DeSilva Williams – Company Secretary


Samantha Thompson – PR & Marketing


Stan Richardson – Consultant

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