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Testimonials from Satisfied Customers

March 2015

Male - 60 Years

Having starting a second bout of pompholyx in September of 2013, I was being treated by my GPs to no real avail.

The right hand was nearly twice it’s normal size, with skin cracked and weeping. Left hand wasn’t as bad, but bad enough.


All the doctor’s gave me was a potassium permanganate solution so soak hands in. all this did was dry out the skin.

My daughter recommended ATUK, as her youngest son had had eczema from a young age and was told he was dairy intolerant. So removing dairy from his diet he improved greatly. After being screened by Carolyne, I was found to have issues with both dairy and yeast. So the process of eliminating these from my diet began. Also I was lacking in vitamin D.

A course of probiotics and vitamin D tablets was also started.


It would appear that having a a few months of stress and getting run down, my yeast levels elevated and caused the problems. Over the course of 6 months my hands got back to normal, but screening still found my issues existed but were getting less and less. So after just over a year after starting my treatment with ATUK, I decided to revert to my ‘normal’ diet and visited Carolyne in early March 2015. My issues were negligible.


My hands a now back to normal and I know how to manage my diet (which isn’t too difficult) without adhering to it completely).


So with Carolyne’s assistance, I am now as good as new!!

Aged 43 (Mechanic)

Mr A

“I now know exactly what to avoid and I feel so much better for it. I’ve gone from a 38″ to a 34″ waist.”

Aged 6

Jack P

“I don’t get into trouble at school anymore!”

Weston Super Mare

L. Matthews

“I cannot speak too highly of Cindy (our Somerset practitioner), I consider her to be patient, knowledgeable and very proffessional in her approach. A big thank you and I look forward to my next assessement in 8 weeks to see what further progress I’ve made.”

Aged 33 (Mobile Hairdresser)

Miss HW

“I have more energy now than I’ve had for years – fantastic. I’ve recommended the service to many of my own clients.”

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