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Practitioners with ATUK

ATUK has practitioners in Bristol and Northamptonshire, but can recommend the following practitioners around the UK.


If you would like to contact a practitioners, please request an appointment.

Carolyne DaSilva Williams


01934 842923 or 07584 514526

I joined ATUK in 2003 as the Company Secretary after 20 years in Administration.  I also worked for Early Years and Child Education Team within the Social Services Department of Bristol City Council.


In May 2012, I completed my training in B.E.R Health Screening and in November 2013 I passed my Intermediate B.E.R. Course in Health Screening.


I have a Clinic in Winscombe, Somerset, with satellite Clinics in Bristol and Wells.  I can offer appointments to children from 6 months and anyone who doesn’t have a pacemaker. 


I have had close hand experience of illness and poor health after contracting Glandular Fever in 1993 and it progressing on to M.E.  Through diet management, I now lead a full and productive life.  

Winscombe and Wrington, North Somerset and Wells

Sam Thompson


07970 240945 or 01832 733686

Orchard Clinic, Thrapston, Northamptonshire

Samantha Farrell

Recommended Practitioner

07816 384068


Cindy Stockhall

Recommended Practitioner

07747 800097

Bath, Minehead, Banwell, and Weston-super-Mare

Theresa Rooney

Recommended Practitioner

07760 145387

Since 2004 I have worked as a Sports and Holistic therapist.


Over the years as a therapist I had become more interested in how the foods we eat effect the body. Why did some marathon runners try everything to improve their times but still keep getting injuries. Was it their diet?  Yes it was healthy foods but were they healthy for their gut? Clients with migraines and headaches, we removed the tight muscles but the pain returned again and again...All questions?


This is how I became interested in Health Screening.  A healthy gut means you are starting at the beginning. I work out of Draycott in Somerset visit for more information.


Thank you Teresa

Draycott, Somerset

Anne Wilson

Recommended Practitioner

07914 898131

I’ve been running my business, part-time, since August 2006. I have clinics in the Ribble Valley and just over the border in Skipton, North Yorks.

I love what I do, which is helping to make a difference to the health and well being of my clients. When they come back after 8-10 weeks for a revisit I am always amazed at the progress they’ve made.


It really is true when we say an hours appointment could change your life!

Clitheroe, Lancashire, and Skipton (N. Yorkshire)

Iona Urquhart

Recommended Practitioner

01463 729953 or 07720 810177

I love that ATUK have regular training seminars, where we all get together to keep up with the latest health news, keeping us fresh and informed….. We never stop learning!


I run my clinic from lovely premises in the highlands of Scotland.  The results and feedback from my clients gives me huge job satisfaction and I strive to provide the best possible advice and aftercare I can.


Niki Cox

Recommended Practitioner

01242 517886 or 07970 892129

Cheltenham and the Cotswolds

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